MTD Motion Drive Graphics

MTD made gear drives for years in virtually only two configurations. Then in the late 1980s they revived the variable speed system that they had used briefly back in the 1970s and dubbed it Transmatic. Original lawn tractor versions were on the 600 series with others to follow.

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300 Series

300 series gear underside 300 series gear parts view

300 series gear drive lawn tractor

400 Series

400 series

400 series gear drive lawn tractor. The 600 series gear drive is virtually the same.

500 Series Transmatic Rear Engine Rider

Rear engine rider transmatic Rear engine rider transmatic

Rear engine rider transmatic; among the most difficult to work on. Usually with 30" deck.

400 Series Transmatic Lawn Tractor

400 series transmatic 400 series transmatic

Not the first but a popular entry level transmatic with 36" and 38" decks.

600 and 700 Series Transmatic Lawn Tractor

Old transmatic New transmatic

The old version is the original transmatic used on the 600 series. The new model is used on the two series with the 700 series having the 46" deck.

600 hydrostatic

Hydrostatic drive 600 series.

800 Series Gear and 2-Speed Transmatic Yard Tractors

800 gear transaxle 800 2-speed transmatic

800 series gear and 2-speed transmatic.

Gear and Hydrostatic Garden Tractors

Gear drive belts Hydrostatic drive belts

Garden tractor gear and hydrostatic drive.