EHP Belt Graphics

Electrolux Home Products (EHP) involves a number of brands. It can also be termed as Husqvarna Outdoor Products (HOP) as that is the flagship brand of these type of products owned by Electrolux. Other than Husqvarna, there are American Yard Products (AYP) - who has made Craftsman for years, and now makes Murray for Briggs & Stratton; Poulan/Poulan Pro/WeedEater/McCulloch; and probably others. Detailed information can be sketchy as separate factories pop up in local financial listings.

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38" Deck

38 deck without spindle brakes 38 deck with spindle brakes

The left deck has no spindle brakes and the right one does.

42" and 46" Decks

42 deck 46 deck with two blades

These decks look quite similar since they each have two blades, but the left is 42" and the right is 46".

46" Deck and Belt Routing

46 deck with three blades 46 belt routing

This deck is 46" with three blades and belt routing graphic.

48" Deck and Belt Routing

48 deck 48 belt routing

48" deck and the belt routing graphic.

50" Deck and Belt Routing

50 deck 50 belt routing

50" deck and the belt routing graphic.

54" Deck

54 deck 54 belt routing diagram

This deck looks similar to others, but the belt routing is different because it uses one belt.