MTD Deck Belt Graphics

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The Advent of the Deep Decks

The smaller deep decks

30 rear engine rider side discharge deck 32 deep deck w/o wheels 32 and 36 deep deck

The smaller deep decks like the 30 on rear engine riders and the 32 and 36 on small lawn tractors did not have deck wheels..

The various 38" decks

The 38 F deck Deep deck with stabilizer 38 with idler

The various 42" decks

The 42 G deck 42 with two idlers 42 with two idlers 42 with two idlers, again 42 with two belts belt legend

The various 46" decks

The 46 H deck The 46 H primary engagement Newer 46 manual engagement belt legend 46 electric clutch engagement belt legend 46 electric clutch engagement, also

The 40" N deck

Rear discharge N deck

The 50" deck

50 P deck

The 54" K deck

54 K deck