John Deere Motion Drive Graphics

Many of the belt routings are shared across multiple models sharing engineering and frame designs.

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GX85 & SX85

GX85 drive SX85 drive

These newer drive systems have some unusual features. The GX has the belt turned what might be considered inside-out. much older gear drives are more straight forward. The SX variable drive has been used for awhile and is considered by mechanics one of the most difficult of Deere drives to work on. Removal and installation of the belts is done from the rear left corner of the frame.

Variable speed primary belt Belt guides

The routing of the deck belts uses the lower vertical of 8A and the "U" of 8B as the guides for the belts. The very top of 8B is also the guide for the drive. Final tightening is generally done with the deck engaged.

STX Gear and Hydro

STX gear drive STX hydro drive

The hydro belt is always under tension.

LX 1xx Gear and Hydro

LX 1xx series gear LX 1xx series hydro

GT Gear and Hydro

GT series gear GT series hydro

LT Gear and Hydro

LT gear LT hydro

LX 2xx 2 and All Wheel Steer

LX 2xx series LX 2xx All Wheel Steer

3xx and GX Series

3xx and GX3xx series GX255

The 3xx series and the GX3xx share the same configuration and the late model 3xx even share the same drive belt. Early 3xx models used a different belt. The GX255 has a design close to the Sabre garden tractor.

Sabre and Scotts Lawn Tractors (Gear and Hydro)and Garden Tractor Hydro

Sabre and Scotts gear drive Sabre and Scotts early model hydro Sabre and Scotts late model hydro

Note the similarity of the gear and early hydro versions to the STX. The later version added guides.

Sabre and Scotts garden tractor

L and LA series Lawn Tractors and LA Yard Tractors

L and LA lawn tractors LA yard tractors