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MTD Model Numbers Decoded

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Model & Serial Number Example

What should my model and serial number look like

Current (1997 and later) model and serial numbers are generally 11 characters in length. A character could be a number, dash or a letter. If "0" represent all numbers and/or dashes and "X" represented all letters, the model and serial numbers should appear as follows.

Model example: 00XX000X000 *NOTE: When using the chart below, "a prefix" consists of the first two digits of a model number.

Serial number example: 0X000X00000

Push walk-behind mower 11
Self-propelled walk-behind mower 12
Lawn and yard tractors 13
Garden tractor 14
Commercial zero turn rider 15
Electric walk-behind mower 18
Garden tiller 21
Chipper/blower-vac/log splitter 24
Edger/trimmer mower 25
Snow thrower 31
Hand held products (string trimmer, chain saw etc..) 41 or 42
Commercial walk-behind 55
Mower 19
Chore performer 29
Snow thrower 39
The middle triplet of numbers in the model number designates the frame style.
300 series Lawn tractor
400 series Lawn tractor
500 series Rear engine rider
600 series Lawn tractor
700 series Lawn (yard) tractor
800 series Yard (garden) tractor
900 series garden tractor

*Attachments may also begin with the letters OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture).
Attachments packaged to be sold separately from the products are given this designation so that consumers will recognize that the attachment is OEM.

190-620-000 is a dozer blade attachment for a tractor.
OEM-190-620 is the same dozer