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John Deere RER, single-blade and Legacy Deck Belt Graphics

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Rear Engine Rider, 108, 130, STX30 decks

Older 30 Older 30

These are pictures of the older 30" deck on rear engine riders and the 26" and 28" decks should be similar. Used on older riders like the 60 series, the R series the S series the RX series and the SX series.

The GX 30

The 30" deck, this is the GX30 & SX30 deck.

Old 34" deck, view 1 Old 34" deck, view 2

Old 34" rear engine rider deck, two views. Used on the larger engined R series. Still looking for the later 32" deck

38" rear engine rider from front with belt 38" rear engine rider from rear without belt

The 38" deck from a rear engine rider Note hanger in center of rear, 3 anti-scalp wheels, idlers and tensioners. Used on the SX and SRX series with the 12.5 HP engine.

30 STX deck

The STX 30 deck.

Old Lawn & Garden Tractor decks

Old 39" deck Old 47" deck Old 47" deck in color

Old 39" and 47" decks Note that the double sheave is on the back on one and front on the other. These were used on the old 100, 200 and some 300 series of the 1960s and 1970s.

Old 50" deck

Old 50" deck that was replaced with a 48" deck if the whole deck was replaced and required a lift arm kit to do it. This was used on the old 300 series of the 1960s and 1970s.