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John Deere Deck Belt Graphics

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LT Series Lawn Tractor

38 LT deck LT 42C
46 manually engaged deck LT 48C deck

The LT Lawn Tractor introduced the manually-engaged deck to hold down costs and prices. It came in four varieties, 38", 42", 46" and 48". The 46" came on the earlier machines with the larger engines and the 48" came on the later machines.

LX 200 Series, Late Model GT 200 Series, 300 Series and GX Series Garden Tractor decks

LX & GX 42C LX & GX 42C Freedom42 version 1 Freedom42 version 1 Freedom42 version 2 Freedom42 version 2

The LX 42" and the two versions of the Freedom42 mulching deck.

54C deck view 1 54C deck view 2

The 48C and 54C looked the same.

Spin Steer (SST) Lawn Tractor decks

SST 42 deck SST 48 deck

SST 42", 42" Freedom and 48" electric PTO clutch decks. Belt tension on the primary belt is accomplished by a spring-loaded tensioner that goes from the clutch to the double sheave on the 42" and 48" decks and to the idler pivot on the Freedom deck.

400 Series and X Series Garden Tractor decks

Basic driveshaft deck Driveshaft-driven deck

The four basic driveshaft decks ever made are 48, 54, 60, 62Edge. The 48 and 54 come in Edge versions and previous verisons. The weldments for deck mounting are what varies. The 48 is not popular at all on any recent or current models because its cut width is less than the machines tire width. It is popular still as the basic deck without the gearbox is the only replacement available for the old 100, 200 and 300 series of lawn & garden tractors. Mount kit for the particular model are required.

X300, X500 and X700 Series decks

X300 Edge deck X300 Edge deck

The X300 Edge decks using a single belt to an electric PTO. Only the X300 itself offered the 38.

New X300 42Mulch deck New X300 42Mulch deck

The X300 mulching deck

48Edge with flat height adjusters 48Edge with swivelling adjusters

The two versions of the 48Edge deck. The left uses one belt and the right uses two and has swivelling height adjusters for easy removal and installation. The right deck also has a rod inboard of the left spindle to take tension off the primary belt.

54Edge deck

The 54Edge is very similar to the 54C except for the location of the tensioner arm.